Land of Nubbins-The Goober Crystal

Land of Nubbins-The Goober Crystal

What pray tell is a Hydroponic Peanut Pod? And what does it do?

Billy found himself in the basement with his dad all excited about his new invention that was to solve the worlds food needs. Yep you guessed it the Hydroponic Peanut Pod. It seemed to work well until Billy’s dad did something to the back of the machine. Then whoosh Billy was gone and finds himself in a strange place with strange looking beings. Heck they all looked like nuts of every kind you can imagine. He accidentally falls upon a little hazel nut  and they strike up a new friendship. Together with the little nut’s sister they find themselves on an adventure to help Billy find his way home. But in the search they find themselves running from creatures made from coconuts that look like monkeys. Their adventure takes them through caves and tunnels with danger at every turn. Will Billy ever find his way back home? Will he be able to help all the little Nubbins protect their home? Find out what happens in this action pact adventure book for children ages 9 through 12.

the Goober Crystal e-book

Djuana Berlin has done a wonderful job on this first book in her new series Land of Nubbins-The Goober Crystal. it takes you to a land of nuts with the power of the Goober Crystal. The story describes the characters wonderfully and the adventures flow easily. Small children of 9 years to 12 will find the reading at their level. This is also a great book for parents to read to their children for together time. I highly recommend this book for children and adults alike.


Before The Dawn

Have you been thinking of a perfect gift for someone this Christmas. Of course a book is always the best. A book can take the reader places untold. Places never heard of. Here is a wonderful book that any boy or girl or adult would love to read. It is written by  J.L. (Janet) McNaughton. She started this book more than 30 years ago while raising two children, working full time and completing her university degree. She says “I have always been a writer in my soul, An armchair adventurer who battles heroically with a pen. By day a mild-mannered banker and by night a master orchestrator extraordinaire of different worlds and times.” When I designed the cover i had no idea how wonderful Janet’s writing is. Very well balanced and creative. The story starts off with a boy named James. He just found out that he was going to have to start classes in the Special Education room and becomes overly upset ends up riding his bike to his favorite hiding place. He falls asleep and strange things happen (don’t want to tell you what it is so i won’t spoil it for you). Anyway he finds this cute little pixie in a tunnel and she helps him get to a town that could help him. hmm…I really shouldn’t tell you more but…there are creatures that eat other creatures ALIVE!!! What a cool book to curl up with a cup of Joe or chocolate on these cold rainy or snowing nights. You can pick up her book here


Chasing a Spectre

Imagine chasing a bad guy through a mirror and finding yourself someplace you have never seen before. These two detectives Dantes and Ghorza find themselves going through a mirror and ending up in a room with porcelain fixtures that flush. hahaha. After investigating the room they find a door that leads to a lobby filled with creatures at a convention like our comic con. This is a hilarious take on two bumbling detective trying to catch a specter.  I don’t want to spoil everything, but if you like comic books you will love Chasing a Spectre.

The book is short and quick to read. It is the prequel to many more books to come. You can find the book here

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Patrick James and the Dwarves of Hidden Valley

Patrick James and the Dwarves of Hidden Valley e-book

What a fun book to read. “Patrick James and the Dwarves of Hidden Valley”. This cover was such a joy to make. The story begins with Patrick watching his mother’s Antique Shop when a rather small man with long hair and beard enters and gives Patrick a very large chest as a gift. When Patrick finally gets the chest open…well I guess you will have to find out what happens by reading the book.

Kyran Grimm is a new author that lives in Australia. His first book “Patrick James and the Dwarves of Hidden Valley” is a children’s book with a whole lot of fantasy. A real must read for children and children at heart. The language is Australian English different from American and a whole lot of fun to read. If you read to your children as I did you will need to give it a try.

Kyran has a wonderful gift for you. He is giving his first book away for free on Kindle. If you don’t have a Kindle you can download it to your computer. The give-away starts August 19th and ends August 24th 2014. Hurry while you can. You can visit Amazon here

Grade A Papers: The Slap Stack

street-6-web old-man-on-green-bench-3-web old man and woman 3

Elizabeth is such a wacky comic. Her new book GRADE A PAPERS: THE SLAP STACK has just been released. It is full of whimsical papers she would write and hide in the stack of papers her dad was grading. Elizabeth’s dad Ted Schaefer, was a college English Teacher. He taught at the College of Lake County at the Grayslake, Illinois campus for 37 years. Elizabeth used to write fake student papers and insert them into his piles as a practical joke for close to 15 years. Now for the first time those whimsical wacky papers are available in her new book. Check out her outrageous website for more information.

My Wizard Buddy

Oh to know someone who can do magic. Have you ever wanted to do magic or know someone who could do magic? I remember back when I was a child and watched the TV program Bewitched. Oh how much I wanted to be able to twitch my nose and have all my chores done. Homework would have been a blast and doing things that maybe would be frowned on. In the new book series MY WIZARD BUDDY 11 year old Tyler Dunsmore wished he had a buddy a best friend. Being caught up in the latest video game Mythic Wizard III craze and the fact that Tyler had no computer or tablet to with play it on he wishes for a best friend…well… if you want to find out more about what happens and all the antics they get themselves into you need to read MY WIZARD BUDDY. This is a perfect gift to give any young coming of age boy or girl. There are two more sequels to the book so the adventure continues on.

My Wizard Buddy book 1 e-book My Wizard Buddy BK 2 ebook My Wizard Buddy BK 3 ebook


Can a sexy pirate, a persnickity angel and a rowdy Irishman work together long enough to save the world? Legendary pirate Anne Bonny is alive and swashbuckling her way through the 21st century, but her stormy romantic life would make Blackbeard pack up ship and move to Kansas. Anne is a Sentinel, a soldier for mankind’s mysterious guardians, the Angeli. Anne will live 1000 years, but in return, she’s required to hunt Perfidia, corrupted Angeli who drain human energy to survive. After losing his corporeal body in battle, Anne’s fellow Sentinel and former lover, Con Carey, now visits her by possessing the bodies of humans. And Anne’s romance with the aloof Arch Angeli Michael has intensified… much to Con’s chagrin. Now this unusual love triangle must work together to defeat Seth, a Perfidian of untold power who threatens to end not only the Angeli, but the world.

Yep here is a novel by the notoriously funny woman Amy Vansant. Only Amy could come up with something this funny and make you believe it to be all true. Co-Author of the book Moms Are Nuts Amy branches out on her own to bring you a sexy humorist pirate along with WHAT an angel and a Irishman? Oh god what will she come up with next?

Amy is a writer, humorist and she creates some of the most amazing websites. You can read more about Amy here When working with her on the cover she had me in stitches most of the time.

You can pick up her newest book here be prepared to laugh your socks off.


In Pursuit of Wisdom

In-Pursuit-of-Wisdom-blogWOW what a title. I think most of us are looking for wisdom and finding it can be harder than we thought. Here is the first volume of The Dark World Saga that just came out in print. I had the pleasure of designing the cover for this wonderful book. Here we follow our young hero Magi to places we would never begin to look for wisdom. He finds himself having to use the wisdom he had to help himself in what seems impossible situations.  You can read an excerpt of which i had gotten my inspiration for the cover here  if you think that is good read the whole page turning can’t put down book here it is nice to know that the saga continues in his next book. Happy reading all.


The Insect Hotel

David Stringer is such a hoot to work with. him and his adorable son came up with a book called “The Insect Hotel”. it is about all the happenings of some special bugs that happened to find their way to the hotel. Very much worth a look at and read to your children and grandchildren. i had a lot of fun creating this cover. i remembered back when my sons were young and bugs just fascinated them so much. so drawing off of my youngest son’s experience, we made bug hotels out of cereal boxes for the garden. he would get down on his tummy and watch to see what kind of bugs would show up and use his little box hotels. we spent long summer day’s watching the hotels and finding interesting bugs that used them. after creating the cover come to find out David’s son looks like the little boy on the cover. just this past month David’s little book was awarded first place  for the 2013 WISHING SHELF AWARDS. CONGRATULATIONS David. it could not happen to a better book. 😀  here are a couple of links you might like to look at


Mabel Hartley The Mummy’s Cape

Mabel-Hartley-Mummy's-Cape13-webThis is the most recent book cover i have been working on. Mabel Hartley The Mummy’s Cape. this one is the second in the series by Jane Reddington. Jane came up with the idea of having Mabel Hartley looking into an entrance of a ruin were the mystery begins. in every book Mabel has this wild curly hair that the only way to manage it is to wear this baseball cap. it is her signature clothing. this book is perfect for the young lady that loves a mystery. it is well written so even a child of nine is able to read it. if you are interested in reading the series here is a link to her first book

here is the link to the second book